Rush News FY17

Unprecedented Cancer Research Growth

Rush's cancer clinical trials program is experiencing a renaissance with the number of open trials going from 30 to 150 in two years, and studying more types of cancer than before. Read more.

Restoring Movement After Paralysis

Early results of a stem cell treatment for spinal cord injuries developed at Rush showed that patients regained movement in their upper bodies. Read more.

First Study of Diet's Impact on Dementia, Alzheimer's Under Way

The MIND diet study is testing the effects of food choice on cognitive ability decline among people ages 65 to 84. Read more.

Rush Awarded $11.5 Million for Fragile X Research

Pediatric neurologist Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD, is leading research into a drug that could help enhance language learning in children with fragile X syndrome, a condition with effects ranging from learning disabilities to severe intellectual impairment. Read more.


Rush, Rush Copley Fully Integrate as Academic Health System

Rush will focus on bringing academic medicine to Chicago’s western suburbs and beyond, providing patients and communities with convenient access to Rush University Medical Center’s and Rush Copley Medical Center’s nationally ranked clinical programs and research studies. Read more.

A suPar Root of Kidney Disease

A protein known as suPAR has been identified in recent years as both a reliable marker for chronic kidney disease and a pathogen of the often deadly condition. Its place of origin in the human body, however, has been a mystery — until now. Read more.

Rush Flips Classroom in Renewed Medical School Curriculum

Lectures removed from in-class time in favor of recordings allow students more time to focus on case studies in groups with faculty guidance. Read more.

Rush's Goal: Improve West Side's Health

Rush has earmarked $6 million total to invest over the next three years in Chicago's West Side through what’s called “impact investing” — that is, investing with the goal of creating positive social change as well as a financial return. Read more.